Breaking 2021

We are pleased to present, within the framework of the Festival, the 4 Elements STREET BATTLE O MARISQUIÑO that will be held on August 7and 8 in Vigo.

In 2021 the Breaking area of the festival will vibrate again, this time from La Plaza de la Estrella.

Battle Breaking 3vs3

The Breaking championship, 4 Elements STREET BATTLE O MARISQUIÑO, has become one of the most important events in Europe and internationally, thanks to having the most prestigious and international judges on the scene.

Organized since the beginning of the festival by Bboy Kawa and for the only Breaking training center in Galicia, KL Making Dancers.

Break Point O Marisquiño 1vs1

It is a new format in the breakdance area.

This consists of a 1vs1 event, with a direct interaction of the public with the participants, that is, the public and Bboys & Bgirls will judge each battle. In the seats that will be occupied, they will have two cards, one red and one black, which will be used as a vote.

As for the prize, it is not only for the first and second classified, but from the eighth onwards, everyone who qualifies will win € 20 per round successively until they reach the final, in which the winner is also it will take € 100 for the last round.

Quite a challenge that will make the Bboys break their skin to reach the final.

Break Dance workshops

They are aimed for boys and girls between 6 and 16 years old who want to have their first contact with the world of Break Dance.

Led by the Breaking KL Making Dancers training centre in Vigo and taught by the Break Dance monitor: Bboy Kawa.

In addition to teaching movements, they will also talk about the culture of Hip Hop, its values, its essence and other concepts of this culture.

Sponsored by GADIS, several prizes will be awarded: gift vouchers for their centres, as well as other establishments in Vigo related to the world of urban sports.

Click here for more information and registration for the O Marisquino 2021 workshops.

Registration Process Battle Breaking 3vs3

Registrations will be made on the web from June 30 to July 30 and the first 40 crews will be taken, leaving the following registrations in the reserve.


Registration Process Break Point 1vs1

Registrations will be made on the web from June 30 to July 30 until full capacity is reached.


  • Battle Breaking 3vs3
  • Break Point 1vs1
DJ's 2021
  • Godzi - Portugal
  • BRos - Barcelona
  • To be confirmed.
Judges 2021
  • Coming soon...
Awards Battle Breaking 3vs3 2021
Nest Bboy/Bgirl 150€
Young promise 100€
Flares Competition Winner 50€ + Sneakers from the shop 4Elementos